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Dateneingabe Versand

Um ganz einfach deinen Umzug zu organisieren, gib bitte hier deine Daten ein und wir können dir schnell ein Angebot machen.

Umzug nach Zypern

 Verschiffung nach Zypern (LE)   PDF zum kostenlosen Download Bedingt durch Corona und unsere speziellen Erfahrungen mit See – und Flugtransporten können wir eine individuelle Lösung für Ihren Umzug nach Zypern anbieten. Wenn Sie darüber nachdenken, nach Zypern auszuwandern, stellt sich die Frage von selber, wie man all seine  großen und kleinen persönlichen Dinge mitnehmen kann, […]

3 D Virtual Reality Chair Arrived!

Now the virtual reality arrived on Cyprus! With this VR-chair its possible to experience the real feeling of a rollercoaster by only sitting in a moving chair. Fantastic ! All kids love to fly on the wings of a bird or drive in a rollercoaster with wind and music. If you want to have this […]

Turn your old pinballs in new pinballs!

  You have something like that: And you want something like that: Bring us your OLD games! Do you have defective, but complete pinball machines from 1980 – 2000 available and would like to work with new machines to attract new customers and revive your business? As long as the old games are in a […]

New Neons Arrived

Recently arrived our new neon-signs. All to see in our workshop in Aradippou. If you are searching for a nice present, a beautiful decoration object or something for highlighting your venue, thats for you. Price:  € 99,- Diner – Neon:  € 265,- (incl. VAT)   Coca Cola (Fish) :  € 255,- (incl. VAT) Coca Cola […]

Gottlieb Hot Shot

Pinball from 1973 One  EM- pinball of the last shipment was a Gottlieb Hot Shot from 1973 in a good condition, but with some little flakes on the playfield. We stripped the playfield completely and will repair the flakes and after add a transparent varnish on top and polish it to new condition. The body […]