Jukebox Restoration & Repair

At Pinball Island, we repair, restore and sell jukeboxes and pinballs.

Restoration to the original, new chrome (if necessary), replacements of missing parts (as long as available) and after the restoration, the machine is like new. Of course we take care of a little bit of patina, the machine should have some sings of its age. But fully working, either on freeplay or with coins. Because of our network with lots of hobbyists and dealers around the world, we can organize any jukebox for our customers , either restore it here or get it restored. No matter, if its from RockOla, Seeburg, AMI or Wurlitzer. With 40 years of experience, we are able to deliver any jukebox you might like in a condition that satisfies for the next 20 years. Of course, a quality restoration has its price. You never get a Rolls Royce for the price of a Dacia.

See following some pictures of former restorations:

Restored Seeburg KD 200 from 1957

Seeburg KD 200 : Test of mechanism

Seeburg KD 200 : Network, Loudspeakers and coin mechanism at their places

Seeburg KD 200: Mechanism working

KD 200: Mechanism uncovered: everything cleaned, reinstalled and oiled for the next 20 years

KD 200: New selection receiver board installed. The old one was broken after 60 years.

KD 200 : New main power transformer installed. The old one was fried by some leaking capacitors.

KD 200: backside

KD 200: backside freshly painted…

KD 200: unrestored, 20 years in a barn…

Nicely restored Seeburg VL 200 from 1955

Seeburg 222, after restoration.

RockOla Tempo 1/200 from 1957 after restoration

New chrome on the pushbutton board of a Seeburg KD 200.

New and perfect chrome on the grill and the fins of a Seeburg KD 200