Gottlieb Hot Shot

Posted on: 15. April 2018, by :

Pinball from 1973

One  EM- pinball of the last shipment was a Gottlieb Hot Shot from 1973 in a good condition, but with some little flakes on the playfield. We stripped the playfield completely and will repair the flakes and after add a transparent varnish on top and polish it to new condition. The body of the machine was colored in white by one of the previous owners and will come to original colors as well…

Gottlieb Hot Shot

Actually we stripped the playfield completely :

It has no wear, but some little spots of missing color… Nothing really bad, but for someone who loves perfection its a must.

After the restoration of the playfield we will start with the body. Fortunately its easy to see, what were the original colors underneath the legs. The former owner was to lazy to remove them before painting the cabinet white…

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