How it works

Operation:  call us and we will visit you to see, if there is a possibility and enogh space for a pinball machine. If positive, we will bring you a nice and attractive machine. Thats all. After certain time, we will collect the input and share with the location. Location has no investment. We organize tournaments, so your guests will have either the option to compete with others and win prizes…

The new Star Wars pinball

Sale: we sell the whole product range of Stern Pinball Chicago. Either you are operator or you want a shiny, flashy pinball for your home. Call for availability. New machines have to be prepaid before ordering.

Rent for parties: a nice  pinball for your party will be only € 150,-  for one day including delivery, installation and pickup (20km around Larnaca, otherwise additional costs for delivery). We can offer also a professional sound system with speakers, cd, mixer and microphone included for an additional € 100,- to entertain your guests with music and games.

The sensation for any birthday party